A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network, which allows computers nodes to exchange data.

In computer networks the connections between nodes are established using data links with cables or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the Internet. Computer Network includes all scales from home to enterprise networks, which may include small and medium to large networks.

Comutrack is a major partner for the top names in the data networks field in the region, Comutrack has a distinctive edge when it comes to the knowhow of data networks in every industry vertical.

Being one of the major systems integrators in Egypt, Comutrack anticipates and meets all client needs of state-of-the-art networking technologies.


Comutrack provides a complete networking portfolio comprising all infrastructure aspects to build up LAN/MAN and WAN network topology.

  • Design and installation of LAN, WAN and Metropolitan data networks with Hierarchical or Ring Architecture.

  • Provision of Routing, Core, Distribution and Access layer Switching solutions with adequate protocols.

  • Comprehensive network management services covering nodes fault detection and asset management services.

  • Design and installation of enterprise Wi-Fi Systems.


  • Fully integrated network solution for wired and wireless connectivity managed from one data center.

  • Extends the service reach for the customer to his main premises and outside branches for operation applications (mail/ web) and business applications e.g. (core banking for banks, reservations applications for aviation and hotels)

  • Increases employee productivity and reduces communication time and cost.

  • Scalability to implement all advanced applications (voice, video) for any number of users.

  • Reduces total ownership costs.